Activity report 2018

Solidarity in action
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In 2018, in a context of growing poverty, the Secours populaire network was able to deploy its universal and unconditional solidarity.

During the year, the Secours populaire's 82,000 collectors-facilitators improved the lives of more than 3.3 million people in France and around the world. This is an alarming figure, and it reflects the increase in poverty and instability that people involved with the association are the first to witness. These outstanding human beings work tirelessly to make a difference and keep those in government aware of what is really happening. This figure represents the hidden children, women and men whose lives are incredibly difficult. They are experiencing increased deprivations such as the right to healthcare, holidays, food, and sometimes even life itself.

The year brought more and more disasters, and the poorest are those who suffer the most. Throughout the world, conflicts, climate change and social injustice lead to an increase in poverty, forcing children, women and men to flee from their own countries and migrate elsewhere. Whether in France, in Europe or on other continents, these catastrophes have a powerful impact on the friends of the Secours populaire, who are determined to make the world a more united place.

They are constantly channelling their energy to collect the resources they need to do their work, and invite everyone else to do the same. They meet people's needs for food, clothing, access to healthcare, education, housing, holidays, and so on. They provide emergency assistance, listen, and guide, so that people can escape the downward spiral of poverty and instability. In France, they rely on a decentralised network of 97 federations and 658 committees who run havens of collection and solidarity in local neighbourhoods, learning centres, and offices. The Secours populaire relies on a huge network of partners, all around the world. In 2018, 241 solidarity programmes and projects were set up in 68 countries in Europe and all around the world.

But the Secours populaire's most important goal is to sow the seeds of solidarity through its network of children involved in the Copain du monde network.

This activity report is dedicated to all those people who in 2018 devoted time or gave material and financial resources to support popular solidarity so that it never stops benefiting those in need!

National Secretariat