Bilan d’activité 2018

La solidarité en action
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Throughout the year, the volunteers of Secours populaire have multiplied their solidarity actions to help the most disadvantaged, in France and around the world.

Free access to the Secours populaire archives on the BNF digital library

A partnership between the SPF and the BNF (the French national library), has meant that 22,000 pages of the association’s archives were digitised: brochures, internal newsletters and newspapers from the 1930s to the 2000s were all saved and posted online to Gallica, the BNF’s digital library.

Launch of the Don’actions campaign

The Secours populaire’s major fundraising campaign was launched on 20 January. In several cities around France, volunteers went out on the street to collect public donations. Collection initiatives were stepped up over the three-month period so that the association could take some concrete action.

Boîte à bonheur project (Cans for happiness)

Carrefour, a partner of Secours populaire, organised the Boîtes à bonheur (Cans for happiness) project over three weeks. For every can purchased from one of its partner brands, 7% of the total amount was donated to the SPF and goes towards organising the Journée des oubliés des vacances holiday initiative.

Cold snap: the Secours populaire springs to action

When the temperature plummeted all over France, from the Loire Valley to the east of the country, and the wintry weather swept through the Paris region, the Secours populaire rose to the challenge and began helping the homeless, the first to fall victim to freezing temperatures. With more staff on hand in homeless shelters and more volunteers helping those living on the streets, a little warmth and comfort was provided to those in need.

Solidarity for refugee migrants

As hatred for difference becomes more widespread, the Secours populaire proclaimed loudly and clearly that it intends to continue providing unconditional support to anyone in distress, regardless of their background, status or position. Refugee migrants are offered support in the form of French lessons, cultural outings, and legal assistance all over France.

Zénith de la solidarité

In Lille, the Nord federation attracted 2,500 people to the Zénith concert venue for an unforgettable four-hour show. The event was part of the Don’actions campaign, which gives participants a chance to take a break from their everyday concerns.

West Indies: rebuilding after disaster

Six months after the hurricanes that ravaged the Caribbean, the Secours populaire is still there running vital projects. After providing immediate emergency assistance to victims, the association is still working alongside its partners to help rebuild the affected areas.

Don’actions draw

On 16 March, the Secours populaire organised its annual national Don’actions prize draw. But this year there was a new digital version of the solidarity game. It attracted many of the association’s sponsors and representatives from all over France, and the event marked the end of the SPF’s huge fundraising campaign.

350 Easter egg hunts in France

As part of the Secours populaire’s international Printemps de la solidarité mondiale (worldwide solidarity spring) campaign, 350 Easter egg hunts were organised all over France. These hunts brought an opportunity to raise awareness – and funds – so that the association can keep its projects going all around the world.

Our Salvadoran partner makes a visit to France

A delegation from Canasta Campesina, the Secours populaire’s Salvadoran partner, came to France as part of the agrobiology program which is being run between France and El Salvador. French and Salvadoran participants got a chance to share their know-how.

Release of the Pauvre de nous (Our poor) documentary

The documentary Pauvre de nous (Our poor) directed by Claire Lajeunie was broadcast on France 5 on 11 April. The film proves that prejudices about people experiencing poverty are completely untrue, and includes interviews with a family who benefit from the Secours populaire’s support.

Bigflo & Oli hold a concert for solidarity

The big-hearted rappers Bigflo & Oli performed a concert at the Zénith venue in Toulouse on 13 April, with the proceeds going to the Secours populaire. Every single euro brought in by the concert went to the association, €100,000 was raised for solidarity!

Launch of the holiday campaign

Secours populaire launched its holiday campaign on 25 April. Families who receive support from the federations of Occitania and the Paris region spent four days on holiday in Gruissan (Aude). They spent the time by the sea, away from the worries of their everyday lives.

Famine emergency in Africa

A famine struck several African countries and Yemen in the most deafening of silences. The Secours populaire released €150,000 from its emergency fund and action was taken in Mali, Mauritania and Ethiopia. Support was also provided for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti.

Support for our Palestinian partner

In Gaza, in the face of the bloody repression during demonstrations by the Palestinian population, the Secours populaire called upon public generosity to support the emergency medical work carried out by its partner, PMRS.

The Royer Group / Secours populaire skippers in solidarity with hurricane victims

The skippers aboard the Royer Group / Secours populaire sailboat took advantage of the Transat AG2R La Mondiale to hand out gifts made by the Copains du Monde (Friends of the world) in the Finistère region to the children of Saint-Martin who suffered during the hurricanes.

Emergency food distribution in Mali

The Secours populaire organised food hand-outs in the form of maize seeds and peanuts in the Kayes region of Mali. With its local partner, AMSCID, the SPF was able to help nearly 2,500 people feed themselves during the lean months.

A solidarity sale in Dijon

10 June saw the tenth edition of the solidarity sale at the FNAC store for the Secours populaire. It was a chance for the people of Dijon to get some great bargains, while supporting the work of the SPF. The association managed to raise €164,670.

Solidarity with refugee migrants from the Aquarius

After several days stranded in the Mediterranean, Aquarius and the 629 refugee-migrants on board were finally able to moor at the port of Valencia. The Secours populaire went straight there to express its solidarity and meet its Spanish partners who were there to support the passengers.

Front-Back: An auction for solidarity

At the Fondation Louis Vuitton, 100 artists supported the Secours populaire by donating one of their works. Families receiving assistance from the SPF were able to see them on display at the Fondation Louis Vuitton before they were auctioned off. The sale raised €350,000 for the association.

Three Copain du Monde children’s villages in Guadeloupe

One hundred and eighty children from the islands that were ravaged by the hurricanes in 2017 were able to take part in three Copains du Monde children’s villages in Guadeloupe. They took part in a whole programme of activities focused on solidarity and respect for the environment; their awareness was raised about climate change, and how to take preventive action.

Copain du Monde children meet world football champions

On 16 July, a hundred children, supervised by the Secours populaire, were invited to the Élysée for an unforgettable experience. They even met the French world champion football team!

70 children visit the Netherlands for a holiday

70 children spent two weeks on holiday in the Netherlands. Their visit was organised in partnership with the Dutch association Europa Kinderhulp, and the children stayed with volunteer host families.

Children get involved in the Nikola Karabatic programme

In the town of Mèze, in the Hérault department of France, a group of children accompanied by the SPF took part in the Nikola Karabatic handball programme. They were even lucky enough to meet the champion himself, who came to train with them for a day.

Fighting loneliness at the Banquet des cheveux blancs (Grey hair banquet)

400 senior citizens from the Ile-de-France region received invitations to the Banquet des cheveux blancs. The experience included a river cruise along the Marne, lunch and an afternoon tripping the light fantastic at the famous Chez Gégène restaurant and dance hall. It was a perfect opportunity to curb the loneliness that older people sometimes suffer.

35 Journées des oubliés de vacances holiday initiative days throughout France

Nearly 50,000 children who couldn’t otherwise go on holiday were able to escape their everyday lives for a day. Throughout France, the Secours populaire organised 35 of these experiences, known as Journée des oubliés des vacances, by the sea, in the mountains or at theme parks.

The first Copains du Monde (Friend of the world) children’s village in Portugal

In Braga, Portugal, the Secours populaire organised a Copains du Monde (Friends of the world) children’s village, where 70 French and Portuguese children met for two weeks to make friends, find out about a new culture and lay the foundations for solidarity projects.

Large-scale school supplies collection

Throughout France, volunteers sprung into action to collect the school supplies that all children need to get the year off to a good start.

Annual Ipsos-Secours populaire barometer

Each year, as part of the Pauvreté Précarité (poverty instability) campaign, an Ipsos-Secours populaire barometer is published. This year, it pinpointed the difficulties that are more and more French people are facing in terms of feeding their families. For example, one in five French people can’t even eat three meals a day.

A year after the earthquake, work continues in Mexico

Twelve months after the disastrous earthquake in Mexico, the Secours populaire is still supporting its victims. In the Oaxaca region, it is coordinating with its partner Nääxwiim to help 160 women get back to work.

Emergency in Indonesia

The Secours populaire launched a call for solidarity and released the first emergency fund of €50,000 to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the island of Sulawesi.

Flooding emergency in Aude

The Secours populaire took immediate action to help the families who were affected by the terrible floods in the Aude department. It distributed water, food, equipment, and administrative advice, and its volunteers are still there today providing help to the victims.

An international conference in Ramallah

In partnership with PMRS, its Palestinian partner, the Secours populaire held an international youth conference in Ramallah. Co-financed by AFD, it has brought young Palestinians, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish and Japanese people together to find ways of building the solidarity of the future.

Festival des solidarités in Brussels

From 19 to 21 October, 350 young volunteers from the Secours populaire and its partner associations around Europe and the rest of the world gathered in Brussels for the Festival des solidarités (Solidarity festival). The event was organised by the SPF, and was designd to encourage young people to share their experience of solidarity and think up new projects together.

A Copains du Monde children’s village in Guyana

A Copain du Monde village was organised for the first time in Guyana. From 22 October to 3 November, more than 100 Guyanese children were able to enjoy leisure activities and educational workshops.

The Secours populaire logo exhibited in Lyon

From 16 November, the Musée de l’Imprimerie et de la Communication Graphique (printing and graphic design museum) held an exhibition on the origin and gradual transformation of the Secours populaire logo. It was also a chance for the public to trace back the history of the association through the 160 archives that were made available by the SPF.

In Verdun, 30 young people on the road to peace

To commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, 30 young French, German and refugee-migrants took part in the Born to be solidaire programme in Verdun. They visited the town, learnt about its history, and talked about Europe and peace.

Lighting up the BNF in the colours of the Père Noël verts

On 14 November, two of the towers at France’s national library, the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, were lit up in green to mark the launch of the Secours populaire’s Pères Noël verts green Father Christmas campaign. It was also an opportunity for volunteers to collect funds at the AccorHotels Arena during the Indochina concert.

Annual General Meeting in Cherbourg

From 23 to 25 November, SPF members met for the association’s AGM in Cherbourg. Over the three-day period they debated and about the association’s goals for 2019: and everyone was motivated to make global solidarity with children top priority.

The Pères Noël verts team in Paris

Volunteers from the Secours populaire Paris federation took to the streets of the capital to collect toys. Three hundred sacks were made available with many of its partners, and 10,000 toys were collected for the country’s poorest children.

The Pères Noël verts around the world

Because solidarity has no boundaries, the Pères Noël verts green Father Christmas tour has now spread to countries in America, Asia, Africa and the rest of Europe. Throughout the world, the Christmas campaign has been stepped up so that no-one is forgotten.

In Lyon, isolated minors are getting ready for Christmas

On the streets of Lyon, young and lonely migrants became Pères Noël verts for the day on Saturday 15 December. The Secours populaire organised a major collection initiative so that Christmas and New Year aren’t lonely periods for anyone.

Tsunami on the islands of Java and Sumatra

After the disasters in September, Indonesia suffered yet another tsunami on 22 December. The islands of Java and Sumatra were devastated. The Secours populaire made €50,000 of its emergency funds available to help the people affected by the disaster, working alongside its Filipino partner Mirasol.